Our Products

Barnlab Anminal Feeds

At Barnlab we and our stakeholders devote significant time on research to insure that we are at the forefront of product development and innovation

  • Poultry



       Broiler Breeders       



  • Dairy

        Dairy Meal 

        Dairy Concentrates 

         Calf Products

  • Sheep

       Lamb , Sheep Feedlot Complete, Ewe and Stud Ram 

  • Pigs

Starter Grower and Finisher as well as the Pig Creep, Lactating Sow and Dry Boar & Sow.

  • Meat 

     Meat Rounding winter and Summer products including Concentrates and Feedlot mix.

  • Goats

     Milk goat products as well as goat Ewe and Lamb

Supreme Pet


  • Elite 
  • Maintenance
  • Puppy



    Dog Food